Sioux Falls Siding Warranty Information

Sioux Falls Siding

To Be Eligible For Our Siding Warranty:

Installer is responsible for proper handling during installation. Failure to follow instructions prior to installation may void all warranties.

Step One

Siding in Sioux Falls

Apply online for the Sherwin-Williams warranty here.

Step Two

Siding Sioux Falls

Your installer must be a Midwest Factory Finishes Certified Installer. To view certified installers, click here.

Step Three

Custom Siding Sioux Falls

You must have read the warning slip-sheets included with your siding. 

Step Four

Professional Siding Sioux Falls

Have documentation of siding in the original units and original packing that shows the pealing of paint.

Step Five

Trim and Siding Sioux Falls

Siding materials must be kept dry and stored inside or under a long term storage cover.


Siding Installation Sioux Falls

NOTE: Warranties are NOT valid until you receive approval of your application from a Midwest Factory Finishes Representative.